Monday, August 29, 2011

8/26/11 AM

Up and at it super early. Skies were relatively clear, but incredibly humid. Gathered up Harley and all his tack, and headed to the arena.

Warm up looked good, neck stretcher work was pretty decent. Hopped aboard, and worked on some bending and turning to start out. Spiral in and out at the trot, with decent results. At the gate-side of the circle, both directions, quarter of the circle before turning away from the gate, Harley would pop his shoulder out, turn his head, but continue straight, or drifting out of the circle. A bunch of direction changes, smaller circles, and some figure 8s, he finally got his attention in the arena, and out of the gate.

With his left trot work relaxed and bending well, on the back half of the circle, without thinking much about it, I sat deep, gave a squeeze and a small kiss. Harley, apparently caught off guard, pushed up into the left lead canter, on light bit contact. He stayed steady, even, and didn't hesitate. We rode about three circles, and eased back to trot. When the trot was relaxed again, I asked the same way, though in a different spot on the circle. Same result. Four requests total left lead canter, all the same results. A nice easy departure, correct lead, and a gentle ease back to trot.

Right lead canter was much of the same, though incredibly lazy to keep in it. I had to keep kissing to him, and adding inside leg. At the last of those, I added a LOT of leg, and he got the point. Harley launched forward in a very forward canter-right, so I left him there a little while. Awesome results.

Another perfect canter day! Total work, about an hour. Both Harley and I were dripping with sweat, as I decided when I left the house, "Oh I won't need my coolvest today, I'll be okay." FaiL!

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