Thursday, August 4, 2011

We Represent the Lollipop Guild

*got that song in your head yet? haa haa!!*

I've tried to find the day this happened blogged, but darn it, I dunno where it went. Anyways.. I longed Harley one day a few weeks ago, things were good, so we went for a hand walk down the road.

He did great. Right up until he met the new equine neighbors. First neighbor horse? Okay. Second neighbor horse? Good. Third neighbor, a mini donkey? No.. Just No. Harley's head flew to the sky, he stared at it with the biggest wrinkly eyes I've seen from him, and as he tried to crawl in my lap, I stood as steady as possible. He stepped nearly on me, and I backed him up off the halter a few steps. Things got even more complicated when a neighbor in his truck approached us on the road. Really?! Goodness Gracious. After he calmed down a little bit, we walked back home.

All that in mind, I asked Jen if we could borrow their mini and pony. They were gracious, and allowed R and me to pick them up earlier this week. I've got a pen just behind my back yard, and we're probably going to use that for a while. Eventually, we'd like to put up some panels on the front pasture (bordering Harley's pasture), and let them all sniffle noses through fencelines.

My plans for the Littles? Not much yet. I have a bunch of ideas whirring through my head, but for now, I'm going to bathe, clean manes & tails, slather up the LaserSheen, and snuggle. Highlight of my day yesterday was the snuggling on these two that occurred after I took the pictures. Mini Dusty had her nose all over me, no nibbling, no biting, just snuggling. Pony Princess took a little longer watching me, but eventually, she was nosing my face, hair, shirt, and poking pockets looking for cookies.

Much Fun with the Littles!

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