Tuesday, April 10, 2012

4-10-12 Harley from Here

I gave the boys a break on Saturday, and went on a road trip to Houston.  Easter morning, I caught Harley, saddled, and headed to the arena. 

His trot was short, choppy, and he wouldn't bend.  I gave up after a few minutes, and headed back to the house.  Unsaddled, I found all four hooves hot to touch, and pulsing at the heels.  Cold hosed his legs and hooves, gave him some bute, apologized for trying to work him, and headed back inside.   The evening check found more of the same - heat, pulse, and unsteadyness.  As I began hosing him down, I noticed he was shifting his weight a lot.  Kind of rocking left/right and front/back, as if he couldn't find a comfortable place to stand.

He's still on break.  I'll update again when we're back to work.

Romeo wasn't as bad.  He was warm Sunday, and almost normal yesterday.  I'll give him a go tonight, see how things are. 

I don't fully understand this whole trimming thing, but it's clear to me something's not right.  More changes to come, and I will post when I know more as I begin to understand more.

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