Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Romney's Dressage Hobby
So apparently ABC thought it was necessary to take a swing at Mrs R's dressage hobby.  "Thousands of dollars spent monthly" on vet, massage, and maintenance care. 

Huh.. Screw you ABC, Screw you.  I ride dressage.  I don't own a "6 figure horse", I don't spend thousands every month, and I still compete.  Am I at her level?  Nope, but I have a hunch she had a few dozen years' head start on me.

Who wants to investigate POTUS's golf bill?  Or what Mrs O spends on vacations with the little kidlets every month?  Or perhaps their private school monthly charges? 
If this election is going to turn into a jealous "he makes more than me, that's not fair", then come on with it.

Romney, 2012
Not my first pick, but WAAAY better than that moron we've got now.

You can keep your "hope", I'd like the "change" back, please.


Anonymous said...

They are spending their own money on the horses after all. I think it's still legal. I would much rather have a horse lover in the White House
than someone who signs an order to reinstate slaughter.

Jennifer said...

"still legal" - it wouldn't ever be "illegal" to have a hobby.

Who do you think is buying O's golf games? Who is paying for all those 747 flights for campaign fundraisers?