Thursday, April 26, 2012

Back In Action

Last Thursday, I longed Harley, and all seemed good. 

Saturday, in the western saddle (translation: oh sh!t handle), I cautiously longed him including the neck stretcher, and then very carefully rode for 15 minutes.  All three gaits.  Only weird I noticed, was he wanted me light in the seat at canter, and light posting trot. 

Sunday, western saddle again, I longed and rode, 20 minutes total.  A bit more "in the seat" at the trot and canter.  Longer canter work than Saturday.

Tuesday, I put the dressage saddle on, prayed, and warmed him up the same.  Rode, total work 40 minutes.  He was good. Fought the bit, argued about contact, but at least he was good.  Took a sideways step at the canter-left one stride, but settled down quick.

Wednesday, dressage again, I asked for a bit more.  I was rewarded with some really sweet collected trot, and a bit more canter, on light contact.  I asked for turns on fore and haunches, something I knew better than to try on sore feet, and he was excellent!

So Harley's back.  It is really nice to see him back to his quiet, cooperative self.  :) 

Romeo had a few days here & there.  He's not as easy to tell when he's sore until he starts tip to-ing funny.  Today he was about normal, flying around the arena at a hand gallop, 40 minutes total work. 

In other news, CRNG has had a mini dozer at his house the last two days.  He has managed to have cleared nearly every bit of brush between his house & mine.  *gag*  I guess no more sprinting to weekend AM feeds in my pj's, and no more quiet evenings on the front porch.  Nosy nasty CRNG.  Oh well...

Busy two days ahead, and I'll be back in the tack on Sunday.  Cheers ya'll!!  Way to go Jessie on the awesome videos with that mustang mare!  And SunnySD, YOU ROCK!  All those fancy ribbons!  Clap clap clap!!!

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SunnySD said...

SO glad to hear the sore-footed ponies are on the mend! Hooray!

Thanks so much for the support - I'm thinking I'm more cut out to be a groom than an exhibitor because I kind of like the goings on behind the scenes, but it was fun to take a turn in the show ring :)

(And think positive, maybe CRNG is clearing brush to he can build a wall - lol!)