Thursday, April 12, 2012

4-12-12 Still Sore

Harley's still warm, all the way around.  Not hot to touch, like they were, but warm... Daily cold hosing and lots of rest ..

Romeo felt good yesterday - no heat, no swelling, all was well.  Headed to the arena with the longe line and bareback pad. 
FAIL.  On the line, his trot was rushed and short-strided.  I put the bit in, and hopped on.  Stayed at the walk.  Romeo kept walking over along the pond long side of the arena, and stopping in the grass.  He wanted no part of walking in the sandy, but only in the grass.  The fluffier the grass, the happier he was.   After his third walk independantly over to the water, I got the hint.

We walked up to the "gate", I unlatched things, and walked him to the pond.  We stood in the soft damp mud near the pond.  He let out a heavy sigh.  I let him sniff the water, and without any hesitation, Mo stomped through the splashy muddy pond.  Passed through the water, stopped, turned around, and he happily splashed through again, this time getting water on my boots & jeans.

As we walked back to the arena to gather my water jug and the longeline, I noticed he was moving a bit better.  Didn't take long, however, before he was short strided again. I concentrated.  Front... Right...

Back at the wash rack, I hopped off, took his pad and bit off, and felt the feet.  Front. Right. Warm. I pulled the hose over to the wash area, and as I turned it on, Mo let out a huge heavy sigh. 

Momma gets the hint, son... You're still on vacation until it doesn't hurt ,,, sorry 'bout that. :)

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