Thursday, July 12, 2012

Did That Really just Happen?

I got a pretty cool email this afternoon.  Seems the web design bunch at Dover found my blog, and my two entries lately on their products (from the store, and my favorite things).  The fellow who emailed offered up some links to clarify exactly what I bought, and what I use.

I did it - go check out the entry from earlier today, and Tuesday.  Links to exactly what I bought.  (Roma pad in delightful purple, RI AP pad in white, splendex gloves in lime green!)

Cheers y'all!  Somebody go ride for me.  It's too wet to stay home in the tack, and with the roadside ditches full of water, no safety riding the boys down the road, either.  Time to watch the water recede.

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SunnySD said...

Very cool! Enjoy that rain - we could sure use some of it up this way :)