Tuesday, July 10, 2012

How I Spent my Summer Vacation - The Rest

I rode
and rode some more
Then I went to Dover in Dallas
Then it rained
and it rained some more

I made it nearly the whole way to the mailbox with Harley.  We met up with some neighbor's goofy game horses.  Yeah, they're gamey-alright.  Sigh  Makes the dressage ponies look so quiet ... Anyways, they ripped around their fenceline, head-tossing and goofin', to which Harley let out a huge heavy sigh.  Gawd you goofies.  Calm Down, Will Ya?! Haven't ya ever seen a purdy dressagie horse?  At least dat's what Momma calls me.  purdy.. blech!  Ima boy, n boyz ain't purdy!  I's hansome.. or somfin' like dat.

Then, we met the neighbor's cows.  And his bull.  And his donkeys.  Little bitty donkeys, too.  *giggle*  I hopped off and hand walked him closer to the mailboxes, then we turned around, and as soon as I was back at the walk towards home.

HEEEEEEEEhaaaaaaawww... eep eep eep HeeeeeHAWWWW..
Harley didn't even flick an ear.  I laughed SO HARD I had to concentrate on my balance. 

Mo did some walking around.  We made it a bit farther away from the mailboxes, this time both of us not so spooked by the abandoned house that used to be filled with a big familiy and yappy dogs.  When we approached and passed the electric driveway gate, he didn't balk so much.  We got passed the pond, then turned back for home.  Calm back to the house too... Well, right until the fawn in the brush decided to bootscoot it without first identifying herself.  baby deers baby deers  Mo spun away from it, but quickly relaxed without much effort on my part.  I was too busy hanging myself on for dear life.

Harley's Thursday morning, as you already know, was captured on camera with a few short video clips.  I'm still working on those.  I had R out to video/photograph/babysit/pick my broke butt up if I got dumped.  We warmed up quietly, trotted and cantered over the x-rail.  R called out, "Wow, babe.  Pretty awesome."  I had to psych myself up a bit for that vertical.  I didn't really know how it was going to work out. 

First up at trot heading right, he hesitated, I smooched to him, and whee!  Sailed right over it.  A few more at trot, then two at canter.  Fantastic!  :)  He tapped the rail a few times with back toes, but never once knocked it down, nor tried to refuse.  In fact, he got more energetic the more we jumped.  :)  His first two trot rights, he landed in the wrong lead.  In his final trot approach, he landed in the correct lead.  Canters?  I truly can't remember.  I think he landed in the lead he took off on, and since it was on the diagonal .. Well, yeah.  The diagonal across my arena gives us more room to work to the jump and away from it.  I realize there won't be any on-purpose changes over the fence any time soon.  As long as he focuses on me, I'll take whatever we get.  To get his mind back on attention to me, I worked a few simple lead changes.  When he blew the second one entirely (heading for the jump), I knew we needed to walk and trot on the flat a while... get baby's mind back on Momma.

Adusted the jump to head left.  His first attempt left is in that picture.  Hysterical, my dear readers... absolutely hysterical.  He hesitated, I squeezed with both legs, and that's what I got.  A HUGE overjump.  What y'all can't see, is the horrendous landing I had after.  We both have a LOT of learning to do.  Harley's "wheeeeyaaaaaa Momma les go les go les GO!"  kicked back in.  I settled for three trot-overs and left the canter-left out of it.  He was way too energetic, and I didn't feel like fighting him on every landing and canter-off from the jump. 

I finished up the ride that day absoutely giddy.   The pictures really capture all the fun we had, and I'm anxious to share them. 

Friday/Saturday, trip to Fort Worth.  Saturday morning, I went to the Dover Saddlery store in Dallas, and drooled on the merchandise.  Walked out with two new pads (Roma Ecole Wick Easy) & (Rider's International Waffle Flo AP), practice gloves (Ovation Splendex), and a noseflash (Tory Leather Co, hinged flash attachment).  :)  Good self control..

Sunday, it rained rained.  Monday, more rain.  Yesterday, more rain.  Tomorrow, more rain predicted.  We need it, so it's a good thing.

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