Thursday, July 5, 2012

How I Spent my Summer Vacation, Pt 1

Harley's first jumps over a vertical rail.  Yes I am in a dressage saddle.  Yes my equitation isn't perfect.  Yes he's learning.  If you have nothing nice to say, say nothing.  I am only posting one shot today.  I will learn to water mark them before I submit anymore, so as to not find images and insults posted at various "rider attack blogs."

I'm on vacation.  All week.  Harley and I have near made the walk to the mailbox - a tiny bit short of the full trip - neighbors has cows and a grouchy bull.  Mo and I have done some walking and some arena work.

 So far, here's the highlight. :)  Enjoy!!


porkpal said...

Looks really good to me! He's excellent in front - real hunter style! (George probably wouldn't like the colorful helmet, however.) Way to go!

GunDiva said...

"Rider attack blogs"? Really? I must live under a rock.

I went through a stage of watermarking my pics and then got lazy and decided that none of my pictures were steal-worthy and quit.

That said, you look great to me. I'm a chicken and have less than zero desire to jump with *any* horse.

SunnySD said...

Woo-hooo!! Looks pretty darn good to me. Admittedly it's been years since my last lesson over jumps, but Harley looks a lot safer and saner than some of the horses we rode :)

Looks like fun!