Thursday, July 12, 2012

My Favorite Things

Going through the videos and the pictures, I figured now is a great time to advertise for all the awesome products I use with Harley ..

First, on the inside..
  • SmartPak - MedVet 4-in-1 - Loves me a good SmartPak.  Reliable shipping, adjustable dates, and some of the sweetest customer service anywhere.
Now, on the outside of Harley
  • Stirlingshire Saddle Fitters - that's a Buffalo dressage saddle he's wearing.  Bought it used, had it fitted to him last November.  We're due again in late October to meet up with these awesome ladies.  If you're in the greater Houston area, and are interested in a saddle or need any kind of tack work done, look them up!
  • Roma Wick Easy pad - they really pull the sweat up off Harley's back, to the top of the pad, for easy drying.  Fluffy, soft, and I got about 3 years out of this blue one before the girth straps wore off.  Just replaced it this last weekend when I went to the Dover Saddlery shop in Dallas. 
  • Courbette Coutoured Girth - fits great, stretchy, and is ridiculously soft on the horse-side.  :) 
  • R.E.S. Spint Boots - White up front, black in back.  I LOVE my R.E.S. boots!  They have the nicest boot interior that I have ever used - more support than polos, but not that slippery neoprene cr#p on most boots.  Best, though, is the replacable velcro straps.  They've got white and black boots, and a bunch of different velcro color choices.  Splint boots, support boots, bell boots, fly masks, and a few other neat things they're working on now.  Primarily marketed to barrel racers and cow-horse events, but I'm in love!

I'm sure some of y'all looked at the picture, and the videos, and thought to yourself, "Freaking chicken.  Why on earth is she wearing an impact vest for a 20" vertical fence?  Good grief, lady, get ahold of yourself!  That's not exactly worth a cross-country safety vest."  *giggle*  Nope, not an impact vest.

That's a Texas Cool Vest and neck bandana I'm sporting there, folks.  The best thing ever for personal climate control here in the South Texas heat of summer.  When the temperatures and humidities rise around here, I don't ride without my TX Cool Vest on.  This competes for just about the most practical and most useful birthday present I've ever received.  The coolpacks freeze in about 20 minutes in an ice water bath, and about an hour in the freezer.  In heat indeces around 100F, they keep me cool for about 2 hours.  I've had my cool vest for a bit more than a year, and I wouldn't be outside in the summer without it.  A brilliant investment if you're an outdoorsie kind of person that doesn't want to overheat in the summer roast. 

So there ya have it.  Gushing on my favorite things in the saddle with Harley.  :)  GO Check 'Em out, and tell them HunterInTraining sent ya.  I haven't told any of these companies I'm advertising, so let's see what happens!

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SunnySD said...

I love Roma's Wick Easy pads - I have three, one for Sunny and two that have ended up Buddy's since his seem to get a lot sweatier for some reason - lol! They wash really, really well, on top of being fairly stylish. Haven't used the other items you mention, but that cool vest and bandanna look like real winners for heat.