Wednesday, January 16, 2013

1-11-13 I thought I could

Harley longed in side reins, one ground pole set on the circle.  He's slowly starting to learn to canter over the pole, not break to trot, canter back after the pole.  I longed him for about 25 minutes in the side reins, then took them off.  He immediately went out at a walk, long&low, stretched down.  Fantastic.

Mo out on just the longeline, absolute friggen nut.  Bucked and kicked out, then galloped like a wildman for 10 minutes.  There was no stopping him, and if I tried, he'd just kick out more.  He settled, he relaxed, finally, and after 25 minutes total, I turned him back out in to his pasture.  He rolled, immediately.  *sigh*

Since, it's been entirely to wet to consider riding.  When it was dry enough, it has also been bitterly cold for South Texas.  Wind Chills in the low 30s, with a nice stiff wind, moderate humidity, and the occasional drizzle.  Yuck.

Tonight may finally be dry enough for some light longe and ride.  I don't anticipate the daylight for both horses, and I'm pretty sure Harley won't see the side reins.  Just a nice slow day, warming us back up to routine riding.

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SunnySD said...

Sounds productive! We've had two gorgeous days in a row here, but the footing is terrible. And when it's cold, it's too hard and slippery... that's winter, I guess.