Thursday, January 24, 2013

Harley Update

I was fuming when I walked towards the pasture yesterday.  That !@^# saddle cost $100 to ship!  Sonufa.... I can't believe that!?!  What the heck did they do, wrap it in gold foil first?!  Freaking crying out loud.  Sell one, and I've already lost money for the shape it was in, now I've lost another $50 just to get it there!  Dangit!! I opened Harley's pasture door ...

And he nickered, turned 180 hard, and trotted up to me, head down.  Well dag-nabbit.  Can't be in a bad mood when my horse comes up to me THAT happy to see me, now can I?

He must have known I was coming out there with my breeches in a twist.  He got the boogers out on the longe line short and sweet, and when I hopped up to ride, was the purest gentlemen he's been in a long time.

Ten minutes longing, and thirty minutes riding, he was awesome.  We had our best left-canter transitions yet on the shorter reins, the least amount of fuss and fiddle in the trot work.  I switched directions every time I got what I was asking for.  He was incredibly delightful.  Both of us were a bit unhappy with the warm humid, especially Harley in his thick winter coat.  Still, even in the sweat and sticky, he was cooperative and obedient. 

The fantastic ride more than made up for the outrageous UPS shipping charges.   That being said, the Collegiate is on its way to Maine, and I have pictures out for the HDR and the western barrel saddle... here's hoping they sell too!!

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