Monday, January 21, 2013

Time Consuming

If you've been reading regularly, you probably saw my one or two sentences about the saddles for sale. 
16" barrel saddle
17" HDR event Pro , medium tree
17" Wintec 500 dressage, convertible gullet
17" Collegiate close contact, convertible gullet

This seems like it'd be simple enough to see these four.  $400 for the barrel saddle, $300 each for the HDR and the Wintec, and $450 for the collegiate.  Honestly, entirely fair prices for their condition, especially given the new purchase price, and the fact that all but the HDR look almost brand new, hardly used.  I'd guess the Wintec and the Collegiate aren't even "broke in" due to low use and good care.

Yet the economy stinks, and everyone wants "something for nothing".  I've been buried in questions, emails, and persistent emails.  No, I don't want to sell them for less, I'm not that desperate for cash.  No, I'm not going to google them brand new for you and get a "what they cost everywhere else" estimate - that's your job.  No, I don't have serial or registration #s for them.  One potential buyer and I exchanged 16 emails before she said "oh nevermind, I'm buying a different one".  Another wanted specific measurements with a ruler, and when I told her, "If I do that, it costs my time and help to measure and take pictures of each measurement.  Price increases to reflect you don't believe me on saddle size", she explained "she'll go buy somewhere else".  Knock yourself out, ma'am, doesn't hurt my feelings. 

If you're interested in any of these four saddles, please ask.  I've got pictures, but I don't feel like paying for photo ads.  The Wintec is listed on eBay as a trial for me, first item on the sale list.  If it sells on eBay, I'll list the rest of them there too, one at a time.

Why am I selling this collection?  None of them fit me, or Harley, for our given purposes.  He's stocky, and the convertibles don't seem sturdy enough for his conformation.  The barrel saddle has sat inside for over two years now, not been used, and takes up space.  I'm hoping all four will sell so I can make a generous payment on a new jump saddle to fit Harley and I both. 

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