Monday, January 21, 2013


Mo is up to his old work routine.  Everything seems back to normal.  There's still a slight bit of heat in that tendon, but that's probably how he'll be from here forward.  He moves out nice, and I'm slowly getting his canter back under control, and relaxed.  It started out head-high, short, choppy, and felt disorganized.  With more miles, it has been improving.

Harley and I got some video Friday afternoon of our ride.  I need to edit/chop/cut/mute and I will try to post clips of it.  Here's the things I learned from it:

* He's bending nicely at the poll.  He's not over-flexing "nose to chest" like it feels sometimes.  His canter looks more consistent than his trot.

* The trot is almost tracking under, even when it feels slow.  This must be the beginnings of collection, to have him feel like he's poking along, yet the video shows rear toes almost reaching front heels. 

*  Attemps to get shoulder-in on video - fail.  Harley saw the camera I believe, and decided not to play fair.  I felt a few strides of it, but have no videographic proof it actually occurred.  Something to keep working on.

*  He is learning from all the transitions, but now it's time to stay in the gait until I get consistent work collected.  Harley holds it for about three strides, then becomes fussy - throws his head, swishes the tail, and hollows out.  He's waiting for a "long & low" break, and when it doesn't occur, he expresses his disapproval in many ways.

I'm watching the schooling show calendar, and making a list of our choices this year.  I don't know how many I will attend.  I'm also considering joining USDF and taking in a registered show, to see how he'd do under the extra pressured atmosphere.  I think if I go in with the same "doesn't matter" relaxed attitude, Harley will be the same. 

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