Friday, April 11, 2008

Another Week Gone By

Monday - Day Off
Tuesday - Chewie, round pen, walk, trot, canter free.. Walk, trot under saddle. Riding Chewie now resembles sitting on a hard-bottomed chair - muscular, yet supportive. Total work, 45 minutes. Chewie was lazy, and a bit tough to keep moving, but I expected it, given the time off he's had.

Wednesday - Chewie, round pen, more of the same. High winds, with plenty of gusts. The weeks with Romeo have fortunately taught me that weather doesn't scare the horse if it doesn't scare the rider. Thanks Romeo! Total work, 45 minutes

Thursday - Attempting to take Romeo tacked to the arena, Chewie began to fart, buck, bite & play. Romeo got away from me, and they were off. Romeo kept trying to get back to me, with Chewie getting in between, playing all the harder. After about 20 minutes of their antics, I retrieved Romeo, no damage to horse, slight scratch in saddle, and no other tack damage. I was surprised. Took Romeo to the arena, and after some walk, trot, and desensitizing to the arena fence, called it done. Total work, including the buck & run, arena, and desensitizing, nearly an hour.

Tonight, I hope for Romeo, arena, ground poles. Chewie, round pen canter, arena walk. Lesson scheduled for Saturday 10:30am.

Doctor says Reactive Hypoglycemia. I'm still trying to learn more about what's going on in my body, what to eat, how much, and how often. He suggested more tests, and a few nutritional store supplements & minerals. Will give more details when I understand better.

For those reading, please send up prayers for my grandfather, who's not doing well, and I wish I could go see...

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