Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Tuesday 04-15

We're on the way now! Chewie, arena. Lunged warmup with side reins 5 & 6. He flipped out a couple times, pulled the rope outta my hands. I think it was just general grouchiness of , "Mom, I'm tired of cantering in circles. Let's get to work."

Wind was howling around the property. As we were warming up, a few neighbor cows were strolling across behind the pasture. I acted like they were nothing, and so did Chewie.

We worked on all kinds of walk & extended trot. I stuck with posting, sitting just a few strides on each up & down transition. Circles, diagonals, serpentines galore. He stumbled a few times, forgetting to look where I was looking. Anytime he would look outside the fence, at deer, or cows, or rustling trees in the wind, we'd change. Transition up, down, start a circle, reverse, two-point, whatever I could. I considered the crossrail (as did my adorable horse), but it didn't seem like the best idea at the time, since nobody was there. I wasn't too keen on setting it back up & jumping off & on him until we cleared the fence.

Total work, nearly an hour. I almost lost track of time, since things went so well. Thinking back, I don't think I relied on his 'air brakes', even once. Downward transitions were all from relaxing seat & hands. Even had my little mini-spurs on to keep him moving forward.

Fear of gusty winds... accomplished. Fear of riding horse in what he believes is an open space... accomplished. Focus "inside the fence", ignoring wind, deer, cows, traffic... accomplished.

Canter work in arena... yet to come.

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