Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Chewie, Round Pen. Side reins 5 & 6. Spectacular transitions - all three gaits. Very forward moving, very light strides. Warm-Up lasted about 15 minutes.

Under saddle, walk, trot, canter left. Instead of staying at two point for transition, I planned the canter, "video played" it in my mind, and as I was sitting back down, asked for it. Beautiful transition! Just gorgeous! Fell out to trot the first ask, so I asked again. Beautiful transition up again. About a lap & half, then back to trot. Transition sweet again.

He wasn't spooky, wasn't avoiding gait, behaved just like an angel. I told him last night, "Chewie, Momma is finally catching up to you... I'm moving all the right parts all the way, and letting you show me how smart you are. You're awesome, and I appreciate that."

Total work, about 45 minutes. Cooled down with long & low trot, followed up with some turns on forehand & haunches.

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