Wednesday, April 30, 2008

He's My Romeo

Romeo the cowhorse... ears up, on the cows, tight as a lugnut on a trailer tire... All ears & mind on the cows... yet the cows stare him down, as if to say, "Yeah right, fairy horse. We see your rider, we see the helmet, tall field boots, and that gawd-awful fairy saddle. You won't come into our pasture dressed like that, you fairy horse!"

And that tells the story of our cool-down last night. About an hour's work, walk, trot, fences. Both standards are set up in the arena, so one is natural post rails, the other PVC pipe. A cooperative horse, overall. A few rider-pilot glitches. I really might get out my stiffer spurs tonight, tack those on, see how he does. He just might need them. One or two *gorgeous* jumps landing in a gentle canter. I was overall pretty darn pleased.

In the cooldown, the neighbor's cows wanted to come see me & fairy-horse. As they were walking about, I focused on one little steer. The steer stared us down, finally backed away from the fence line, then as soon as he knew Romeo wasn't going to force him to move, he went right back where he was. Little bugger.... I know the breeder told me some "cow horse working ranch horse" stories, but I just don't buy it. Romeo's a cute hunter pony, and a neat trail horse, but a cow-ranch-horse he is not.

Hour's work, all cooperative. No wild spooking fits, no temper tantrums. Just a cooperative horse. C'mon Sunday Show!

I miss riding Chewie... He misses me ... At least I think he does ....

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