Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Sienna Stables, April 6, 2008

Woke up around 6:00am, after accomplishing only about 4 hours rest. Still weak, but darn determined not to pack up & go home. I ate a little breakfast, and headed for the arena.

It was peaceful & quiet there around 7:00am, which I found strange. By 8:30am, Robin arrived, found us tacked & ready for warm-ups. I finished dressing for show, and off we went.

Navigated a while at the trot around some other horses, and when the arena was all ours, sailed over a few cavaletti poles around 12" high. No big deal. Romeo was a little more energetic, and I found that he needed no push over fence #1, a rest, and new pressure over fence #2. Knowing the rails were really spread out over the arena, I figured I should continue this in the class.

Class #1 walk/trot on flat, Class #2 Warm-Up Fences, One time around to the right (two crossrails on each long side) Class #3 two times around to the right, Class #4 two times around to the left.

I'll put up the good news BEFORE the video clips.
Flat class - 3rd of 5
Warm-Up Jump - Clean... HUGE jump at 1 & 3, but rider in the center, and no rails down
Jumping Right - 1st of 4
Jumping Left - 4th of 4 (rail 6 down)

My Summary.... The flat class was judged for dressage-balanced riders (higher hands, legs in front). I rode my best.

Warm-Up, he tried to avoid #1, and #3, and I forced it for both fences. Got some huge AIR over them, but never felt like I lost control.

Class Right over Fences, just a clean, good, solid round. I felt in control, and got the impression my horse enjoyed his job. He cantered just a little from 3 & 5, and came right back underneath me.

Class Left over Fences, he got tired, and lazy, and I forgot to add leg. #6 one rail down.

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