Monday, June 6, 2011

6/2/11 Harley on Longe

*splitting Harley up into three distinct days, as enough interesting things happened each day to warrant it*

I got home, it was HoT HoT HoT. Okay, seriously, folks... 100F Plus. That's Too Darn Hot for ponies. I ate early, fed early, and longed later.

Me, sneakers, teeshirt, shorts, ball cap. Harley, pad, front legs polo'd, surcingle, longe line.

His free longe before bit/stretcher was stiff and hangie. How do I describe "hangie"? Leaning on my hands, head turned outside of the circle, generally pulling me anywhere he thought he could. I'd tug/release, but at one point, I had to use both hands and my entire upper body to get him off of me.

I put the bit/neck stretcher on, and sent him back out. He started out stiff, fighting the bit, leaning on the line, and short speedy strides. With time, and a little effort, he relaxed a while, got a decent bend, and lowered his head, moving forward.

Total longe, about 45 minutes. It was nice, much better than the week before.

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