Wednesday, June 1, 2011

5/31/11 Mo Back

*All these "Mo somethins" are fun!*

Harley supervised from the trees. Okay, honestly, he was hiding from me. When I walked towards the barn with halter in-hand, Harley took one look at me, and walked off into the bushes. Excellent. I mean, it sucks he's walking away from me, but it was good to see him moving about.

Shorts, sneakers, and a bareback pad. Romeo and I worked on walking, giving to the bit, bending, and backing up. He had some good bends, and nice stride adjustments at the walk. We went down the road a little ways, and he was near insistent he go up NeighborTim's driveway. "Romeo! Dude! Pay atten.. oop!" That was me, barking at him when he spooked at who knows what. Monster... Anyways, after that, he decided my directional choices were a little better than his.

Back at the house, we worked on turns on forehand, turns on haunches, sidepassing. All good. A few backups, and I looked at the mini-ditch in the front yard. Hmm.. I wonder.. will he?

We walked in the ditch, out of the ditch. "Whoa" Stood there a second, and I backed him up right the way he came from. You what?! You backed your horse down a hill and up a hill in and out of a ditch?! Yup! Sure did! Mo fought the first time, and insisted that while backing into the ditch was easy, backing out of it not so much. He turned his hiney, and did it at an awkward angle. Realizing the third time I wasn't going to let him do more than straight forward, straight back, he gave up and politely backed up the mini hill.

Neat! Something else he may never need in his life, but we've got it now. I wonder what else we can learn staying around the house ...

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