Tuesday, June 7, 2011

6/4/11 Stubborn Contest

I won

Harley and I met up with Jen and we all ventured out to the arena. I've been having problems with the dressage girth sliding forward in our rides. We slid a sewn towel over the girth and tightened it up. It's not the saddle sliding, it's just the girth, and I am not yet sure if that's interfering with his ability to move out or not.

Longed good,
Neck stretcher was a little better, though still stickie/hangie

I hopped on. Harley immediately started doing what he had been the day before, leaning, hanging, and refusing to bend and give. Jen had a plan, and it ended up working.

Circles, big ones, little ones. Figure 8s, serpentines, direction changes galore. It took, um, 35 minutes, maybe even longer, mostly trot, a few walk breaks. Finally, Harley started to give in. He was bending nicely, in the middle instead of just at his neck. He started to give to the bit, and we had a little bit of collected work.

It was a challenge, and honestly, it hurt. I was sore as heck when we got done, and my arms were the worst. I did not have as many problems with my stirrups jumping off my feet (haha), and also noticed I was keeping my shoulders back/chest up for most of the work. Harley's lack of cooperation did make the riding difficult, so I must *patpatpat* myself on the back a little for sticking with it, and pushing through.

I rode last night. The real question is..

Did he learn his lesson?

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