Wednesday, June 8, 2011

6/6/11 Oh Yes He Did

Harley's work Monday night was awesome. We all ate early, rode later. I didn't head outside until about 6:40pm. Sunset's later now, and once it starts to set near the treeline, those near-100F temperatures decrease some, and it's easier to breathe.

I rode him in his western saddle, still not so sure what to do with the dressage girth and saddle fit. I need to find a saddle fitter, I suppose, and get him and his girth looked at. See if there's something to be done there, or it's just general stubborn stiffness.

Longe was good. Neck stretcher is still improving. Canter is ickieyuck, but the trot is getting back to loose stretcher, relaxed and forward. Might need to start holding the longe whip in this hot weather to motivate.

I rode. Wow. Yeah, that walk, was forward(!) and ears all about. Much nicer. I gathered the reins, and he very quickly bent and gave to the bit. Woo hoo!

Trot work was much of the same. Anytime he strung out, stuck his nose out and head up, I turned. Circles, change direction, something. I don't think Harley got dizzy, but I wouldn't be too surprised if he told you he did. We sure did change direction a lot. Once or twice he misunderstood the leg cues to turn, and tried to spring up to canter. "Um, not yet, darling. I need your mind back at the trot before you can "Wheee!"

To cool down and catch our breaths, I worked on the beginnings of neck reining. You know, neck rein pressure, same leg pressure, indirect bit, all in order, and only if needed. Release all of them as soon as I get a hint of the right turn. He's getting it. I don't think this will be fast work since it's not a priority. It is a nice way to walk around and cool down though.

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