Thursday, June 23, 2011

Trying to Remember...

06/15/11 - Both horses off
06/16/11 - Birthday party, both horses off

06/17/11 - Harley in the AM, stiff, me very sore, saddle hunting in the PM
06/18/11 - Harley & Mo in the AM - Harley much better, Mo arena loose rein
06/19/11 - Mo early AM bareback pad around the neighborhood
Harley in the PM - Longe only

06/20/11 - Harley & Mo in the PM - Harley great, in fact, fantastic
Mo more loose rein arena, pretty nifty

06/21/11 - R and I travelled to Austin to visit a friend in the hospital.. Both horses off
06/22/11 - RAIN! Arena puddles, pasture puddles, pond back to 3/4 total full ... Both horses off

06/23 Tonight, we're getting a visitor for a long weekend, so I'm hoping after the intermittent work and breaks, Harley longe only.

06/24 Harley and Mo in the AM, followed by clip/bath/groom/laser sheen as appropriate

06/25 Should be (weather and all pending) a used saddle test ride on both, and, if successful, the end of my discomfort and soreness riding Harley in the western saddle.

Nothing much fantastic going on around the barn here. Thankful for the rain, even though it results in less riding.

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