Tuesday, May 31, 2011

5/27 - 5/30 Mo

5-27 Mo No Go * My HVAC chose a fine time to quit working properly. Tech came out, gave me the run around, and generally acted rude. It's a bad sign when my first impression is "freak, I'm wearing riding pants. keep looking at me that way and I'll beat you with a broom handle." Second impression is "Don't ask me where I work to gauge my income, jerk. Just fix it." It's a patch job, not even a true repair. Not a good Romeo-ride alternative.

5-28 Mo Stiffer
Romeo was stiff, and refusing to bend. I did lots of trotting bending circles, sort of a Clinton Anderson "Bending exercise". I got dizzy, and I suspect Mo did too... *giggle* He finally started getting the idea.

5-29 Mo Better
Romeo moved out at all three gaits, though at one point we moved from trot to walk on a loose rein. I gathered my reins, preparing for working walk, when Romeo took off at the canter. Figuring he wanted a gallop day, in the hot hot sun we galloped. I ran him like a nut around the arena, and when he relaxed, back to collection work and bending. Shorten the reins, off zippity doo dah he went again. Soon Romeo realized that collection is easier than running on contact. :) Momma wins!

5-30 Mo Road
Romeo and I adventured off the property, met the new horsie neighbors at Mafia Man's property, made googy booger faces at CrazyMare, and progressed a little closer to Third Corner. He got wide eyed and anxious near the third corner, so I can't wait for that. After Third Corner is the split in the highway. I'd love to get that far...

I have plans in the works to take both boys on a ranch/trail adventure this fall. An acquaintance has offered up stabling for the boys, lodging for me, and lots of trail riding adventures. They've even got an arena we can work the bugs out in. I'm delighted, and hope it works out.

5-31 Mo Mo
Tonight will be more Romeo, we'll scamper off to the arena for a quick session. Maybe save time with a bareback pad and good boots. Just focus on bending and stopping clean. Harley will be available for supervising. :)

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