Wednesday, May 25, 2011

5-20-11 Harley

On the 19th, I was sick.. Um, as a dog. No, wait, the dogs acted like they felt better than I did. A co-worker earlier in the week commented his father had a stomach flu. Yup, he brought it to work. At least I think so.. That all being said, Nobody got exercise on the 19th. Only exercise I got was washing one load of clothes, and holding the couch down.

On the 20th, I longed Harley, and didn’t do much more. I took his reins and bareback pad, as well as my helmet. He longed nicely, without any baby temper tantrums or wild vacation hissy fits. I eventually traded the surcingle and bulky pad for his bareback pad, and hopped on.

Riding, we only focused on the walk. Walk/halt/flex. Nothing more. He found that bulky surcingle (*shh western*) pad laying beside the mounting steps to be particularly scary. I laughed at him, um, hard. Silly Baby, spook at the silliest things.

He relaxed into some nice working walk and contact walk after realizing the big green pad wasn’t going to eat him. Added some good flair to the spook training when the wind knocked it over though.

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