Thursday, May 5, 2011

We'll take care of our own, thanks

Texans have been asking for Federal Emergency Monies with all of the grassfires we've been fighting. Obama is too busy pushing increased spending from ObamaCare, and all his other pet projects.

So let's take care of our own. I've donated, and I'll encourage you do to the same. If we Conservatives are going to scream and shout "We don't want any more spending", we need to close that outreached hand begging for "our fair share".

Help out your fellow victims of the fires. Step up and show Washington "We mean it when we say cut the spending!"


Kate said...

Not to get into politics, but as a US citizen living in Canada (Also a Canadian citizrn) I love socialized healthcare. I think that Canada's health system needs a lot of work, as some parts of the current setup are just money pits, but overall the whole concept is fantastic. The US (IMHO) ought to take the good points from Canada, and implement them into a modern and effective health care plan. If Obama proposed something like this, I'd be right behind him.

Jennifer said...

You've opened the can of worms, so yes, we will "talk politics".
If you don't mind my asking, how old are you? What do you do for a living? Working? School? I suspect from lurking around your blog you're still in school.

When you've aged, and are impacted by death panels, long waits in line for basic elderly care, and are denied advanced medicine "because you're too old" or "too weak", then tell me you love social medicine.

I like having my own healthcare, on my own bill, which I can personally control the coverage. I do not like having to pay for someone else's care knowing they haven't contributed through a good paying job. It's not my job to take care of everybody else, especially when they're well enough to work and choose not to.

Good day.