Thursday, May 12, 2011

05/11/11 Mo

I brushed him off, longed him in the halter for a few minutes, then hopped on. Bareback, french link bit, not even a pad between us. It'd been one of those days. Such a stressful day that I couldn't bring my emotions down enough to risk rubbing them off on Harley. Mo is a little more patient with these things, and doesn't react poorly to a little crabby lady aboard.

Walked on pretty good, flexed a bunch, backed a little, stood halted some. His walk is fairly collected with some effort. The trot stayed nice as well. Then, I started imagining myself riding an Intro test bareback, using a loose rein, and as little rein as possible. We rode an imaginary outline of what Intro A used to be (don't know for sure if it still is or not), and he was pretty cool. Transitions off a heavy sigh or a little seat, turning off my eyes and upper body. That could be fun if I were courageous enough to try it. "Yeah ring steward, I know my saddle and pads are missing. I thought it'd be fun to try it without. It's a schooling show, how serious could it be?"

A good solid half hour, of being utterly useless on the back of a horse. Mo was quiet and obedient for the most part. Comparing Mo and Harley's personalities to other horses I know and have seen, leads me to the next entry, up for discussion soon.

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