Monday, May 2, 2011

4/29/11 Mo Finds a New Enemy

Romeo was NOT happy with me Friday. He saddled up quiet in the x-ties, as R was able to groom him and put support boots on. We switched saddle from Harley to Mo quickly, and R went on about hosing Harley down and rewarding his decent efforts.

Me, in no mood to debate hard work with a second horse, I stuck Romeo out on the longe line, then added the neck stretcher. Talk about an argument. Romeo fought the pressure, ignored the bit, and only a few brief moments did he give to the pressure completely. If he can learn to give and relax, he’ll have the most amazing trot and canter. Without this give and collection, it’s not as comfortable as it could be.

I hopped on, and we rode walk, halt, trot, for about another twenty minutes. Mo was light to go off my leg, and easy enough to halt. He wasn’t demonstrating any learning from the neck stretcher, so more work needs done there.

As to our homework, he was flexing lighter and without as much wiggle. He had a solid halt, but it was with his head up. I had forgotten to work on mount and stand still a while, but that will come.

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