Monday, May 2, 2011

4/30 Harley Gets Ready

After his warmup (which was nice as always), I hopped on Harley, not real sure what I’d have. Would he be lazy and slow, barely responding to leg? Or would he be big floaty forward, moving out at the lightest cue?

I started out simple. Forward walk, loose rein. I didn’t allow for anything less than a forward walk. No pokey dragging, no stumbling or tripping. Square quiet halts, and a gentle nudge to get back to walk. Mission Accomplished.

Next out was a trot loose rein. Again, only using my reins to cue direction if he ignored legs. He was light, and very forward. This leads me to think he was confused by the rein cues from the day before.

So I very lightly started adding rein. As soon as he gave, I released the reins 100%. He stayed pretty light and forward.

The ride was very good after that until we were done. I called it quits after about an hour’s work. Brought him back to the wash rack, unsaddled, and gave him a bath. Coated him in Laser Sheen, evened up his mane a little more, and kept him mentally occupied with my boring conversation while he air dried.

Why would I go to so much trouble to get him sparkly clean, clipped, trimmed, shiny, and laser sheen? What on earth could be going on?

A show of course! =) But, because I can, and I need to get pictures off the camera, I’m going to leave everybody hanging for the day. *grin* It’s fun to add some suspense to the show, especially since it was Harley’s first outing with me, and his first big-show scene.

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