Monday, May 2, 2011

4/29 Harley Gets Stickie & Slow

Harley longed out nicely, neck stretcher with equivalent success. A bit of slobber, a lot of relaxed forward trot. When I hopped on, it was another story.

Stickie lazy stickie. I couldn’t add enough leg, it seemed. If I relaxed for even a second, he’d pop back to a walk. Grr.. So I started a gentle squeeze, followed by a whapuva kick and a verbal cluck. My gosh. Lazy britches!

In no way whatsoever did Harley want to trot forward and free, nor did he want to lower his head or poll. Yuck!

We argued for probably twenty minutes. Frustrated, I sent him out on a completely loose rein, lots of leg, lots of cluck. Harley gave in, and provided some forward trot. Decent enough. It wasn’t the full work, but it was better.

His backup was equally yucky, with plenty of head tossing, plenty of stiff resistance. I could almost hear him scoffing at me, “I’m not working today, so don’t bother asking. I’m stronger than you. See, I’ll prove it!”

Babies Babies Babies.. Not every day can be a good day…

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