Monday, May 16, 2011

05/14/11 Romeo Gives an Effort

Romeo must've again watched Harley, and realized that nothing would get him out of work, but the right answer. I untied him from his patience tree, and saddled up.

Off to the arena we went. After a little free longe, I put him on the neck stretcher. If I were truly looking for a show horse performance here, he'd need hours and hours of that thing. Instead, he got the idea, and quit fighting it, so I quit and got on.

Walk/Trot work? Better. Canter to start? UGLY! No roundness, no give, and horrendous transitions a dressage grand prix rider couldn't sit nicely. I did lots of trot/halt/back transitions, and then finally I got two great canter/trot in a row. I felt him round, relax, and then slow his gait. Finally! Serious progress!!!

Took me 45 minutes of riding and changing it up, but I did get what I was looking for. Proves to me that what I did with Mo worked, so it will work with Harley. I just must be a little more patient.

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