Friday, May 6, 2011

05/05/11 Harley Here!

Hi ever'body! Mom, through the power of pony-magic, is letting ME tell you all about my day yesterday. We had soooo much fun, and I got to see new stuffs! Okay Okay, Mom says time to focus, baby... I HATE to focus...

You know, last Sunday, Momma and Auntie JenJen took me to a diff'rnt place. She said, "It's a show, baby. Focus!" Me? I thots it was a sandblasting wind tunnel er somethin'. We walked, and we trotted, and we stopped a lot. I got skeerd of some stuffs, but they weren't gonna eats me, so I quit bein' skeerd. Momma said I did reeaaaal good, I dunno. Felt like a day at home, like a day of workin'. bleh! Last night, tho', didn't feel like workin', it was neat!

Last night, Momma put the big saddle on. I dunno how else to d'scribe it, other than big! She made me trot and canter in a circle off that stoopid rope, but not for too long. I gots in twouble cantering goin' left, Mom said somethin' 'bout leads, I dunno. Thank GOODNESS, the rope didn't last vewy long, and Momma got on. The arena was open and everythin'! How Neat! But Momma, where'r we goin'?

Right outta that arena, I tell you! I was supprised! She didn't stop, or nuffin', just went right out! She looked atta the barn, so I figgrd we were goin' to the barn. I decided to walk her thru the big weeds. You know, 'round the hedges, over some branches, but I got us there! Then, she supprised me MORE! We went right outta that ittiebitte gate thingie, right out! We were OUTSIDE! No fences, no nuffin'! I was FREEEEEEEEE!!!

We got to the washie thing, where she ties me up to spray me with the bubbly water?! She said somefin', I dunno what it was, but it sounded calmin'. Next, she dropped some stuffs beside me, and gave me a "atta boy baby" pat. Eh? Whatt'd I do, Mom?! Oh, okay, stuffs on the ground. Let's go Mom Let's Go!

Then we went! We went right on down that dirt, rocky thing, Momma calls it a road. Owch! What was THAT?! ooh, Momma calls 'em rocks, yuck! I walked over to the grassy parts. yIpes! ooh, No spookies there, nuffin' gonna eats me, Just anudder house. Grassy road, Grassy road. Oop. What's dat?! ooh, Sorry Mom, you askin' me to STOP. I stop now.. You want me to flex?! Out here?! How 'bout I turn around in a ittie bittie circle instead? No? Darn it. Okay, I'll flex now, Momma.

We stoppin' again. Flex, Flex, give.. oi.. Momma you do that a LOTS! Hey! We turning 'round, already? Why, Momma. Okay, I go back home, but I gonna go home s-l-o-w, 'cuz I havin' fun! Hey! What that car lookin' thingie stoppin' for? There's a voice in the car! Ahh, it's a lady in the car thingie. Got'cha! Momma talked to the lady in the car thingie a minute. I think I heard her say somefin' about dogs.

Cool! Momma took me back away from the house again. We go other way from home. Grassy road, Grassy road. uhh,, Momma, I skeerd. Momma? This part of the grassy road reawwy narrow! Eep! Okay, Hey Look! Open fieldy place again. Can I lower my head, grab a grass bit? Owch! Okay, nope can't do that. Momma tugged on my mouth, told me, "No sir!" I had to try ... it looks yummy.

Then, we went all over this new grassy field. I saw a big bird, Momma called it a RoadRunner. Neat ! I heard a horse call out, and it startled me. Turns out, it's just Romeo, big brother. Wait a second! That's cool! We're just outside my pasture where I live! We walked around a bit more, and then Momma made us go back home.

At home, Momma took the big saddle off, then rubbed me all over with that brush. Best yet? I got cookies! And a lotsa "good boy baby pats". Momma said she was proud of me. I dunno what she proud of, but I had F-U-N!

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