Tuesday, May 31, 2011

5/26,27,28,29 Harley

5/26 - Harley Longed. Nothing spectacular to report

5/27 - Rode. Dressage. Focused on walk/trot, but he was a little lazy. Not quite a giraffe head, but ugly in the walk/halt transitions. Got a few nice ones and called it quits. He was stumbling some, and a bit lazy. Called Jen and her DH for a quick eval and trim Saturday.

5/28 - Harley got new feet. They look different than they have before. At first, H seemed happy with them. He was moving nicely, and seemed happy.
Took him to the arena, and he wasn't so happy. Didn't want to move, and when he did, strides were short and choppy. Called it quits pretty early, when even a walk out on a loose rein got mixed results, the first step of each effort feeling wobbly and irratic.

5/29 - Started out dressage, but quickly realized he wasn't getting it. Still wobbly and lethargic. Thinking it was a saddle fit issue, I took him back to the trailer and switched to the western saddle. I was able to ride, I did get walk and trot, but strides were short, choppy, and barely flowing enough to post. Even without collection, I was kind of sitting the trot. He generally felt stiff and uncomfortable.

5/30 to 6/1, Harley off. I'm hoping the break will help him adjust to his new feets, and by Thursday he'll be as right as rain and ready to make a good effort again.

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