Monday, May 16, 2011

05/14/11 Harley Tries Again

Better. Not life-changing, but better. I saddled Harley up and off to the arena we went. Cool late morning temperatures, with the slightest hint of north breeze.

His warm up was much better, except for that "steppin' in the ant pile" kickin fit he had. Can't say I blame him, he wasn't really bucking, but lifting his butt and kicking both back feet out forcefully and quickly. Three or four of those (all the way at the end of the longe line, so nobody thinks I was standing downwind of that), and he relaxed. Neck stretcher, good as well.

I hopped on. We argued about what "give to the bit" meant, for, oh about 35 minutes. I got a few great steps of working walk, and even started on what "free walk" means. He's getting it. Nothing quickly, but he's getting it. He can lower his head, but as soon as bit pressure comes off, he slows down, dramatically.

Trot work was better. A bit more forward. As to giving to bit pressure? I settled for nose still out. Not entirely sure if I was feeling what he was really doing, I asked R to participate in Sunday's ride. I couldn't completely tell if Harley was giving to the bit pressure and holding it for a stride or two, or if he was arguing, and just flipping his nose in briefly.

Lots of left right flexing, and lots of both reins as well. He's getting back to smooth, and that's a good thing.

No canter again. I didn't see a reason for it, since we argued so much at the trot. No reason to start up another argument.

Eyes focused on Romeo, I hosed Harley down and tied him to the paddock.

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