Wednesday, May 25, 2011

5-20-22 Mo Update

Short. Sweet. To the point. What's happened, is I get behind blogging, then I'm so behind, I don't want to write anything. Realizing I still want good records of what each horse is doing, here's the quick summary per horse to date, with hopefully better blogging to come..

5/20 Mo and I took off down the road bareback in his little bb pad. Love that thing! It makes riding a snap, without a lot of effort. Groom up quick, toss that on, and we're off. He was a little quick to start out, and I kept insisting on that speedy walk. We got quite a ways in both directions, and bumbled through the roadways a little.

5/21 We got down & dirty, well, down and stretchie. I put him on the neck stretcher to start out the ride. These down transitions where he is forehand heavy, ugh! Making riding nicely difficult. He got much better walk/halt and trot/walk as we went on. When I rode, I found them much better. That canter/trot still needs LOTS of work.

5/22 Saddled Mo and took him down the roads again. We got up into the old 4wheeler path a little bit, he also tried spooking at a realtor sign (booger). Not a long ride, but a productive one, as he tried balking a few times, and I insisted he keep on a-movin'. I'm alpha mare, I think... He just hasn't gotten that memo yet. In the electricity right of way, Mo thought he'd be cute, and try to show me he can get home the back way. I walked him over there, and saw some thick rose hedge and brush. "Mo, you really think you can get us through there without tapping me on the hot fence?" I must've leaned towards it or something, because off he went. Trudging right through the hedge brush as tall as his tummy. He stayed just between the tall trees and the fence line. Somehow, I didn't get electricuted, and neither did he. Odd ride, and a brave,err..stupid, critter. =)

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