Monday, May 16, 2011

05/13/11 Harley Ants

Caught Harley up, and saddled him to ride.

*I shoulda oughta known better, ya know? Two full days off, a weather change, and cooler less humid air* ... anyways...

Put him out on the longe line, in the back 2/3rd arena.

*again, dense as a river rock. I shoulda known better*

He had a nice free longe, so I kept it rather short before moving into the neck stretcher.

*now would be a good time to swallow whatever you're eating or drinking, and sit down*

*You ready for this? Are you sure? 'Cause I sure wasn't!*

With no warning, absolutely zero sign it was coming, Harley bucked HARD, lept up in the air, and took off. Pulled the line from me, tangled his legs in it. Right, like I can grab it now, I need to wait until he settles down. So I watched him go to the back corner of the arena. Figured that was a good place to settle him and retrieve the line. Nope! At a full out gallop as fast as Ransom's gallop days, Harley zipped off to the other end of the arena. Fighting the neck stretcher with every stride, longe line whizzing behind him. I flinched as he got near the fence.

*oh gosh. If he does jump the fence line, I'm screwed. I left the little gate open by the barn. This could be really really REALLY bad*

He hesitated in the opposite corner from where he took off. I was able to retrieve the monster, slowly pulling the line out from his legs. He stood, eyes wide, like he'd swallowed a ghost.

Back to the back 2/3 out of the water. Here we go again. Only two circles later, Harley bucked rather forcefully, and ran off again, this time not getting quite as far before I retrieved him. "What is up your butt, monster?" Then I saw them.

Fire Ants.


And Mounds

Of Fire Ants.

For the rest of the longe, and the ride, I stayed away from the piles I saw. Harley was accomodating. Peaceful. Stiff as a board, but peaceful. He fought most of the bit contact work, but I just didn't think this was the best day to give him a buckle-long rein. Never know when you'll find another fire ant, Monster H.

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