Sunday, March 24, 2013

3.23 3.24

3.23  Harley and I worked incredibly hard at dressage.  I've stepped off the circle, in an effort to get him moving collected in a straight line.  He's getting better each ride, and this was no exception.  I almost think he was happy to have different directions and changes.  :)

3.24  Well blow me down, already.  20+mph winds, with 40+mph gusts.  Blustery outside.  I settled for a lively longe with Mo, who always seems to enjoy his own form of "running like a wild man".  After, we walked and jogged a little bareback, nothing too exciting.  Harley so far has enjoyed some currying to get the dead hair off.  I haven't decided if I want to battle the winds more today with him. 

Getting closer and closer to Stirlingshire Saddle fitters and Monkee day. :) 

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SunnySD said...

I hate riding in wind. Good thing we have so little of it here... wait, that's not right. Sigh. There's the whole eating dirt thing to start, then there's the miscellaneous banging and flapping stuff, free-wheeling leaves. Especially if it's chilly, the horses are on their toes anyway. Not exactly relaxing. Sounds like 3.23 was a much better day to ride.