Saturday, March 16, 2013

Losing my Motivation, and Finding it, and ...

Oh drat you, Murphy, for writing that Law..

Things were going good with Harley.  Then he whacked his ankle, which has healed awesome.  It's back to normal, and so is he.  We had one ride post-injury where he hoped not to canter, and tried racey trot instead.  No-go, young student.  Nothing a whack of my legs won't fix. 

In the midst of his ankle swelling and receding, I lost all motivation to ride.  I didn't want to go outside and do more than scratch out the shedding hair, or just stand with them.  No riding, no saddling, no grooming, nothing.  I finally got warmed up to at least grooming, but not wanting to ride.  I took a few easy walks on Mo during that time.  Finally, I had to seek some advice on "is this normal", and "how to get through it".  The response with the best idea was "deny myself the right to ride for a few days, and do nothing with them in that time."  So I tried it.

I got anxious to hop back on Harley.  Really anxious.. I was looking forward to the ride, and so was he.  When we rode, it was awesome.  I started him out with a nice longe, and then hopped on.  We had a great 35 minutes together, and I was delighted.

The next day, I gave in to a headcold and some other troubles, and went to the doctor.  Strong antibiotics, he said.  Grr.  I ended up with another three straight days off, not riding.

Yesterday, I finally had the energy back to ride.  "Both horses", I told myself.  What a riot.. I made one.. Harley and I had a good time in the arena, but after the 45 minute time with him, I was whooped.  I hosed him down, scrubbed some of his shedding winter yak-coat off, and hosed him again.  He baked in the sun a while, then I turned him out.  Mo got the same hose/scrub/hose, but I couldn't see myself lifting the saddle to his back.  Shucks.

Today, rather than set my goals on two big rides in the arena, I'm hoping for two nice, short walks down the road.  I'm also counting down the days until the Stirlingshire Saddle Fitters and Monkee arrive, bringing my new jump saddle along with them.  :)  In fact, I'm delighted with more excitement than I can explain.  THAT just might be the boost I need to get me excited to ride again.  We'll be able to jump with more ease than we have now in the dressage saddle.  Might just be able to jump correctly.  Shh.. don't tell Harley - he thinks it's all the same. 


porkpal said...

I'm glad you're up an going again.

What model is the new jumping saddle?

Jennifer said...

Ideal Grandee

Can't wait for next Friday!! :)