Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Searching for the Motivation

I've had the three rides mentioned on Harley, followed by two days off, and then back to it today.  Moderate dressage.  Two good rides on Romeo, nothing too exciting.  One walk down the road, and another in the arena, moderate work load.

My energy isn't what it was, yet.  I'm confident it's there, because once I get out in the arena with Harley, I start thinking about what we can work on next.  The excuses are abundant sitting on my couch, however.

It's too hot for their winter coats.  I mean, it's been near 90F a few days already.  In those fuzzy winter yak-coats they haven't fully shed, I feel harsh for asking more than a light walk.

It's too windy.  I wish I meant "gentle spring breeze".  Instead, we've had days with sustained winds in the 20s (mph), gusts in the mid to high 40s.  Trees bend over at the middles in the gusts, and the wind doesn't seem to sustain from the same direction more than a minute before it bursts from somewhere else.  I find myself to be jumpy, not to mention the horses.

Work can be too stressful to relax enough to enjoy the ride, and I worry my tension will translate into a stressed horse and a horrid ride. 

I wasn't feeling well.  I'm getting much better now, and the ultimate cause still makes me giggle.  The nurse said I drink too much liquid during a day, and my kidneys can't keep up.  I've had to make a massive liquid intake reduction, and, after some time, I'm told I can gradually increase the amounts.  Today is day 2 of moderated intake, and I feel thirsty.  hello, my name is Jennifer, and I am addicted, to water. 

If you've got snow, that just stinks.  It freezes, blows, all of it.  Nasty.  Northeastern folks, it's just too late in the year for that nonsense.  Now, that does NOT mean that I'm happy for the 90F temperatures we've had a couple days of.  yuck.  I am entirely not ready for that hot yet, either.   Tonight, we will tickle 50F, with a nice light breeze and moderate temperatures tomorrow.   Good riding weather, if I can get motivated.


SunnySD said...

Weird how water works on bodies, isn't it? T thought he had the flu earlier this winter - shakes, fever, chills, etc. and it turned out he was just dehydrated. He was really ticked at himself, because he's given the sessions to his soldiers on dehydration prevention but there he was not drinking enough.

Yuck to the 90' weather. We had a couple days of 80's (in March!) and then dropped back down to more normal temps - it's 30's this morning, and I'm liking that much better. I envy you southerners your mild winters, but not your summers, that's for sure!

Hope your wind has died down and you're going to enjoy some milder temps and some good rides this weekend :)

Jennifer said...


*my skin just grew another layer thinking of weather that cold* BRRR! :)

SunnySD said...

LOL! It's all in what you get used to, I guess - I've been thinking how mild this winter has been, but the long-time residents are complaining. I'm kind of worried about summer!