Sunday, March 31, 2013


Romeo and I went for a half hour walk down the road.  Highlights - cows, donkeys braying, and leaning half way off his side to get to the mail at the back of the box.  We landed a package from England, a magazine, and a handful of junk ads.  Without saddle bags to hold it all, I was holding things, stuffing things in crannies under the saddle pommel, and pretty much laughing all the way back to the house.  Good thing he knows his way, as the reins were laying on his neck from the mailbox almost the rest of the way home. 

Harley's sheath is back to 95% normal.  One side was slightly swollen still yesterday, and the rest was a bit wrinkly from the swelling receding.  I was happy to have him back. Since he was already dressed in his new saddle for yesterday's pictures, I took him to the arena that way.  Nice pleasant longe (with easy canter both ways), so I hopped on (from the mounting block - I'm not flexible enough to strain his back from the ground). 

Good work both directions.  I'm still wobbly in the saddle, and it pleases me that as I wobble about, Harley breaks gait and slows down.  Each and every time.  Good kid, protecting us both.  Canter work was quite nice.  I was able to get the transition a few times just on seat & legs - something I could not easily do in the other saddles I tried.  I think we can now call this one a success.  The Ideal Grandee is perfect for his body size and mine.


porkpal said...

That's a very nice looking saddle!

Yankecwgrl said...

Glad it fits you BOTH. That is wonderful!!

SunnySD said...

Yay!!! So glad that it fits both of you. And that Harley's getting back to normal, too.