Monday, April 1, 2013

Monkey Mondays - The Introductions

I have been longing for a donkey for MONTHS now.  Why?  Because they're cute, funny, and plenty of blog and real life humor could be had with a donkey.  However, I'm not seeing too many donkeys for sale, nor for inexpensive prices.  Monkey arrived yesterday in the mail, and he's going to be our humor until I run out of adventures for him.  Sometimes, he'll have a story, sometimes, he'll just have a picture or two.  Here goes! 

Romeo and I were walking back home, when I decided I should get the mail.  Usually, a few pieces of flat, fold-able mail, I can stuff them in my waistband and head on home.  Today, was going to be a bit more difficult.

 Royal Mail  - This monkey travels in style.
 His origin.  Monkey is a celebrity where he grew up.  He's the mascot for PG Tips Tea Co, and even has his own website.   Stirlingshire Saddle Fitters have been taking a cousin of my Monkey, Monkee, everywhere with them, and he's been having a lot of fun. 
 This item does not contain dangerous articles.  Uh Oh ... I wonder how true that is .. Or isn't ..
 Hello?  Let me out, please?  I won't get into too much trouble .. I'm skeerd already.
 So, there's Monkey.  Already hanging out by the computer, admiring a picture of me and Harley. 
Tee-shirt!  Monkey Says RELAX.  Smart fellow, don't you think


SunnySD said...

Okay, apparently it's time to log off for the day, because when I initially read the first sentence of your post, this is what I read, "I have been longeing a donkey for months now."... And I thought, oh-oh, what have Harley and Romeo been up to now - LOL!

Seriously cute Monkey, though :) I'll have to check out the tea site. Any recommendations? I've been drinking Zena's Gypsy Tea Coconut Chai and English Tea Company Chocolate Vanilla Rooibos this winter. Yum.

Jennifer said...

The tea? I haven't a clue.

I'm a HUGE fan of Teavana, however. YUMM-O! 'Spensive, but yummy. Love the Samurai Chai Mate, Monkey-Picked OOlong, and Acai Mateini.

SunnySD said...

Mmmmm, Teavana. My sister got my mom one of their blends for Christmas. It smelled delicious, but I never got around to trying any. I've added the Samurai Chai to my wishlist :) Thanks!