Monday, April 15, 2013

Harley 4/13/2013

Reflecting back, Yeah, it was a pretty silly idea. I'd trailered Mo, we rode for a bit over an hour, I was tense most of that ride. (And for stupid reasons -- What if he spooks because the other horses spook? What if one of those other riders comes off, and I need to chase down a running horse? What if they think I'm a crappy rider because my equitation isn't good? Heels down, sit up tall. What if an alligator jumps up at us? What if What if What if?) I stayed after for their group meeting, which was interesting. Got to know most of them a bit better by sitting and watching. Then I trailered home, and unpacked some of our things. I ran inside, let the dogs out. "Yeah, I'll go get Harley, longe him, see how he's feeling today."

I should never "only longe a horse" with a saddle on, bridle in my hand, and a helmet. I can't ever "just longe". I always end up riding. "Oh we'll just walk a little." Those are always the days Harley decides to be a saint. We rode. All three gaits. On light contact. He started to lift up under me, so, not wanting to push him hard, I asked for a gentle leg yield. "A step or two, and I'll back off." He gave me from quarter line clear to the rail, with a bunch of small steps. We reversed, and I got the same. I asked for some more canter, and he had his leads nailed solid. Back to trot, and I hoped for a "tiny bit" of shoulder-in. He started in shoulder-fore, which got him a lot of verbal praise and a little pat. Next long side, he gave about four steps of shoulder-in. I felt his body turn. Wow. More in the same direction, with a bit more shoulder-fore than shoulder-in. I couldn't believe it.

We finished up with that "little walk", *giggle*, and an ice-bag 10 minutes on his leg. Now that I've got a system set, I'll try to get some pictures to share how we're doing this. It took a trick from the vet, and from Jen to get the ice bag to stay. I know some tack shops sell ice boots, and frozen gel leg wraps, and I'll put those on my wish list for "if/when this happens again", but for the rest of this week's rehab, I think I've finally got a system set up.

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