Saturday, April 6, 2013

4/5/13 Counter Canter

Mo and I took it light.  I gave him a very thorough scrubbing with the curry and grooming block to get shedding hair off.  It was successful, but he's nowhere near done.  I ended us with a 15 minute walk down the road & back.  Bareback, halter with the lead rope tied back to itself (lazy neck reins).  At the back edge of CRNG's yard, a deer rustled up out of the trees and into his yard.  Mo came to a complete, startled stop.  Good boy, Mo!  Especially when Momma's got nothin' to hold onto but yer mane.  Good Boy! 

Harley and I were out in the arena, riding dressage, looking for any inkling of 'tude from the day before.  None apparent.  His warm up was easy, and the ride was a giggle.  He fought the bit more than I would've liked, and didn't have all the energy I was hoping for.  I did a few simple canter lead changes down the diagonals, and it seemed to wake him up.  Since Mo had counter-canter Thursday, I wondered if Harley could do the same.

Nope.  Not one bit.  Harley broke to trot before the end of every diagonal, and changed leads to the "correct" on every circle.  I laughed.  It was about all I could do.  I'm sure down the road, once he gains better balance and more topline muscle, he'll be better developed (mentally and physically), and the counter-canter won't seem such an impossible chore.  Still, with all the work I've done to get the "correct" lead every time I ask, it's nice he has learned the lesson and is willing to stick with it.

Saturday, however, work needs doing.  He's hanging on the bit, heavy in my hands, and generally lazy.  I need to find some steady impulse trot rhythm again.

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