Saturday, April 13, 2013

Romeo and I traveled to the Brackenridge Recreation Complex (Edna, TX) and met up with some TETRA Region 11 riders.  They meet at BRC once a month for a trail ride. 

 You see Mo, dressed to go.  Oop!  Look!  Mojo came along for the ride!! 

 Two ponies preparing for their hitch to a cart.  Nice, but we'll ride AFTER you leave for the trails.

  Through the top of my saddle, you can see some of the others gearing up to ride. 

I made a stupid mistake getting Mo ready to go.  I tried to tighten the cinch with him tied-fast to the trailer.  He always pulls back when he first moves away from the trailer, and today was no exception.  I managed to get him relaxed and back to me without busting the lead rope or halter, but not until after he stomped hard on my foot.  Just about his entire hoof landed on my hoof, only his are much stronger.  Dang it!  As of now, it's sore, tender, but my toes still wiggle, and my foot isn't a multi-colored science experiment... yet 

I walked him to a fenced-in field, where we had some long trot and a small bit of canter.  It took longer than I'd hoped, but I did get him relaxed. 

I ended up riding with about three other ladies and their horses.  A lot of the ride, Mo and I were behind a hurry bunch of trail riders, but up ahead of a few that were having arguments with their rides.  We rode along the very wide, very well mowed paths, and Mo was excellent. His only "spook" was a mild startle at a round bale of hay as we came around a corner.  It was kind of funny, I had just pulled out my camera, and thought, "What a great time to get a picture of us, riding out alone, with a few horse hineys off in the forward distance."  As I got the camera out and in one hand, he spooked.  I quickly shut my camera off and stowed it away.  Okay, so we're not taking pictures during this ride. 

A few of the other ride members took a lot of pictures, so I hope to get to see some of them soon.  It was a good experience, I had fun, and Mo was awesome. 

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SunnySD said...

That sounds like so much fun! Looks (and sounds) like a gorgeous day - minus the pull back and foot squashing, of course. Think you'll go again?