Sunday, April 7, 2013

4/7/2013 Romeo

We are preparing for a road trip.  I'm not saying more than that, until after it happens.  Why?  Because Karma's a b#tch, and I think she has my phone #.  :)

Mo and I headed back to the arena.  I rode him up first, lots and lots of trot.   First five walk, ten minutes trot, 3-4 canter, back to ten trot, five walk and done.

In his early trot, I worked on dog & frog stretches, hoping to lengthen my legs some.  It worked, a bit.  I trotted him over two ground poles spaced about 2.5' apart or so ... never did measure that.. hmm

We took off at the canter, focusing only on figure 8s with simple changes.  Heading from the right lead to the left lead, I glanced at the ground poles, and thought, "Quit looking.. He's going to the right of them."  I looked off hard to the right of the poles.

I really did stare to the right of the poles.  Until about two strides out, when it became incredibly apparently Romeo was going OVER those poles.  Oi vey.  Rather than run into the jump standard, I looked at the line off past the poles.  He bounded over them in one big leap.  O. M. G.!  That horse!  I laughed, because when I glanced down to see what canter, yup, he changed.  Flying change, over a spread of ground poles.  Monster...

Couldn't get him to jump at the canter when I wanted him to.. Now, apparently he's going to do it all on his own. 

He came back to trot after that pretty easily, much to my surprise.  We walked it out a few minutes, then went back to trot work.  Only.  Quiet.  Trot Work.


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SunnySD said...

Something obviously clicked in his brain, and he was showing you that he got it, right? Silly boy :)