Thursday, April 25, 2013


4-23 R and I went to Austin to the Erwin Center.  Rush, in concert.  A spectacular performance, nice show.  :)  Good job!!

4-24 I had to travel for work.  Left at 530am, got back home about 815pm.  It was a good, productive, and fun day.  Met lots of great people, made some terrific contacts, and my networking increased significantly.  A good day, but too late to ride.

4-25 - I'm looking at the radar, praying for rain.  There's some in the forecast predicted the next few days.  Today, as of 315pm CDT, there's a cell in Corpus Christi lurking this way.  I am going to will it to be here.  Might just put a saddle on Harley, and see if I can't dare the rain to land in my yard. 

Yes, Yes.. I see request for flower pictures.  I'll try to get one soon.  I've also got a bunch more Monkey Mondays to pre-schedule so we don't miss a week.  HAH! Who am I kidding?  With just what's already pre-posted, I'm good through mid-June.  HAH!

Both the boys have looked fairly content the last few days.  I don't enjoy their days off, but I suspect they're happy with it.

I've also tentatively registered for a schooling show in May.  YAY!

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