Wednesday, April 17, 2013

4/16/2013 Mo Don't Ride Alone

Caught Romeo, dressed him just like Saturday, and off to the arena we went.  Warmed up nicely, and we got down to riding hard.  Lots of trot, lots of canter, plenty of simple changes. 

As we were working our changes, I see Harley walking towards the "gate".  He first rested his head on the tape.  Then, with a full mouthful, he grabbed the tape "gate" and pulled.  It broke!  Harley let out a heavy sigh, and proceeded to wander into the arena to "help Mo".  Mo pinned his ears then pointed them right at Harley, ready to push him straight away.

I hopped off, shoo'd Harley out, mended the fence as best I could, and got back to riding. 

Romeo and I enjoyed about a half hour total, including our distraction.  Guess that was Mo's way of saying he didn't want to ride alone, he wanted company.  And Harley's protest to not being ridden.

I iced H's leg again, and there aren't any great improvements to report in the swelling.  It still is warm to touch and swollen in back.  The "mushiness" on the sides of his leg are less pronounced, and he's still sound, which is good.

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