Friday, April 12, 2013

4/11/13 Getting Mo Ready and Harley's...

Rode Mo yesterday, basic stuff in the arena.  About 35 minutes total, and other than being lazy, he was good.  A bit stiff, but mostly lazy.  I suspect just stiff from the rainy cold the night before, and the general "too many days off".  Found out from a neighbor this morning he escaped his pasture yesterday AM as well.  It's either my forgetfulness, or CRNG opening a gate.  Because there's not much a chance that Mo can open a gate hook/clip on his own, no matter how windy it is.  

Harley has a bump. On his front right, outer tendon, near his knee.  Will work to get some pictures today.  It's been there, but with work last weekend and cold hosing, it'd go down pretty significant.  I assumed just a slight bruise.  Yesterday, however, it was there pretty obvious, with a moderate amount of swelling.  I cold hosed, nothing improved.  I added DMSO, cling wrap, and standing wraps.  Stuck him in the smaller paddock.  This morning, it looked decent again, but the swelling increased as I cold hosed.  At least I thought it was cold.  The water felt warm in the mid 40s temps we had this morning.   I called the vet, and Harley has an appointment at 4pm today.  We're going to meet Sarah as a vet today rather than a passerby at all his other appointments.  Sam's busy .. "it's breeding season", the clerk at the phone told me today.

His leg may not warrant a vet call like I'm going to today, but I don't want it getting any worse and my having to miss work next week for it.  Easier to go when I'm already off.

Otherwise, today is a few errands, a ride on Mo, maybe a bath, cleaning his tack and organizing the trailer.  24 hours from now, we'll be making new friends and going new places. 

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SunnySD said...

Ah, rats... and you guys were on a roll there, too. The gate opening thing is scary. It's a lot harder to people-proof a gate than it is to horse proof one.

Hope the vet visit goes well. I'll be thinking of you!