Monday, April 15, 2013

Harley 4/15/2013

I made good on my "walking only" today.  How?  Bareback pad.  *giggle*  Another windy howly day today, but I didn't let it stop us.

We walked around the arena for 20 minutes, no warm up, all at the walk.  I let Harley mostly decide where to go.  It was a meandering wander, for sure.  I asked him for turns on forehand/haunches, and some brief back-up.  All went well. Yeah, I probably could've asked for more, but I didn't.  It seemed like a good day just to wander on him, and let that be our time together. 

When I was icing his leg, he also got snuggly.  I was rubbing on him, scratching itchies, while he was licking me.  Literally.  Licking my arms and hands, and he tried licking my face before I moved.  He stood great again for the 10 minute icing.  The swelling looked a little smaller today, not as mushy. 

Tonight, my thoughts and prayers are with the families and the injured in Boston.  What a senseless tragedy.  All kinds of "why" and "who dun it" come to mind, and I'm sure that's for another day.  It was nice to see mass-media address it as a terrorist attack and not some "random event" like they did Benghazi.  Extra hugs and snuggles for all your loved ones tonight. 

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